Shipping Wars Episode Recap: Monster Truck & Surfboard Blanks

Item 1:  ’96 Chevy Monster Truck

Anyone who knows Marc, knows he has a thing for cool trucks.  When a 1996 Chevy Monster Truck headed to MudFest in Louisiana comes up for bid, nothing can get in his way, even a bidding war with Chris and Robbie.  But when Marc discovers there are no travel tires for the $50,000-$60,000 vehicle, it puts the shipment at 13’8″ tall — 2 inches over height — requiring him to get permits in all 4 states he’ll be traveling through.  After a long delay in Mississippi (and a $500 late fee hanging over his head), he arrives at MudFest, only to have the customer discover scratches on the top of rig, but the customer lets it go since he plans to put a few scratches on it himself.  To the viewing audience, but not the customer, Marc admits to running under some trees and causing some damage.

Monster Truck

Dimensions:  16′ long, 10.4′ high, 11,000 lbs
:  Dunnellon, Florida to Natchitoches, Louisiana (800 miles) 
Winning Bidder
:  Marc
Winning Shipping Bid
:  $2,025
Total Profit: 
$725 for 2 days work
Total Bids Received
:  15 (high bid: Marc $2,800)

 Item 2:  50 Bundles of Surfboard Blanks

In another business to business shipment on Shipping Wars, Arctic Foam, a surfboard foam manufacturer in California needs 270 surfboard blanks shipped to a Orion Surfboards in Florida. Jarrett wins the load that needs to travel cross-country and decides to pickup up another load — a printing press — to add to his profit.  After getting all 270 delicate surfboard blanks to miraculously fit with the crated printing press, all seems to be going smooth for Jarrett.  But then the wheels come off — literally.  When pulling in for fuel, he loses a tire and damages his spindle, requiring him to replace his axle, costing him time, money and his deadline.  At delivery, damaged, cracked and creased boards leave the customer very unhappy, and when Jarrett offers an open-ended discount, the customer drops the payout by half, and when combined with Jarrett’s repair expenses and 2,400 miles for fuel, puts him at a big loss on this trip.

Foam boards

Dimensions:  2,800 lbs, 270 blank foam boards 
: Oceanside, California to Edgewater, Florida (2,478 miles) 
Winning Bidder
:  Jarrett
Winning Shipping Bid
:  $3250 + $1,000 (added printing press shipment)
Total Loss (after damage discount and repairs): $1,000 for 7 days work
Total Bids Received
:  17 (high bid: Marc $4,000)

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