Shipping Wars Episode Recap: Nuclear Missile & Vintage Car Table

 Item 1:  Deactivated Nuclear Missile

This next load was the bomb. Literally.  A 1962 deactivated Polaris thermo nuclear missile was going from Pennsylvania to Michigan, needing a quick delivery for a seller who was getting rid of his war memorabilia.  Marc and Chris & Robbie, deadlocked at $3,000 bids, really wanted this load, claiming they knew how to handle a missile.  The customer ultimately selected Chris & Robbie to do the job.  The load, at 10 tons, was the heaviest load yet for Chris and Robbie’s new truck, something that made Chris like a little kid.  After a $1200 crane rental and $30 truck/missile wash, they made a direct-hit delivery to the new owner, who paid the couple their $3,000 payout in $1 bills stuff in a paper bag, telling them his wife was a stripper.


Dimensions:  21,500 lbs, 32′ long, 6′ wide, 7′ high
  Harrisburg, Pa. to Flushing, Mich. (540 miles)
Winning Bidder:
  Chris & Robbie
Winning Shipping Bid:
Total Profit
(after expenses):  $1,000 for 2-day run
Total Bids Received:
  12 (high bid: Chris & Robbie $5,000)


 Item 2: Vintage Car Dining Table

Taking a page from the movie Pulp Fiction, this vintage car dining table was modeled after the 1957 Ford Fairlane.  New restaurant owners purchased the table for their new diner and wanted this as a center piece table, requiring it get delivered in mint condition in time for their opening.  Roy won the load, which he combined with another piece of Americana — an arcade sign he picked up for $3,500.  The vintage table — in 4 parts and a whopping 2,000 lbs — required Roy to pony up for some additional labor.  On delivery, getting the table through the front door of the restaurant proved challenging but not anything Roy couldn’t handle.  A few scratches and dents were forgiven by the customer, who failed to do properly measure before buying.  And then Roy was hit with a windfall:  after deliverying the 3 arcade signs, the owner told Roy he’s pay him $5,000 if he could pick up a vault just down the road and have it delivered in less than 2 1/2 hours.  Roy took the challenge and got the safe into its final resting place with seconds to spare.  Cha-ching!  Filet mignon for Muffy!

Car Diner Table 

Dimensions: 4 pieces, 2,000 lbs
Hudson, Wisc. to Cedar Knolls, N.J. 
Winning Bidder:
Winning Shipping Bid:
  $3,000 + $3,500 for arcade signs + $5,000 vault = $11,500

Total Profit
(after expenses):  $9,930 for 4-day run

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