Shipping Wars Episode Recap: Racing Boat & Skateboard Half Pipe

Item 1:  Tunnel Boat

While in California, Jennifer books a 14-foot small racing boat that looks a lot like a floating Bat Mobile.  After getting it loaded and secured under the watchful (and chauvinistic) eye of the seller, she runs into trouble on the road before she even crosses the border:  a tire blowout on her trailer — and no spare to spare.  Adding more pressure to Jen’s 2,277 mile trip is the need to get it there in 3 days, in time for a boat driving school.  No boat — and the school is sunk.  After a tire replacement for $400, she runs into more trouble: doing 80 in a 55 zone, and after faking a breakdown, the CHP officer let her go.   Once out of California, with Jennifer thinking her troubles were behind her, she notices the boat has shifted positions in the trailer.  So she goes to work and gets it re-secured.

Tunnel Boat

Dimensions:  14 feet long, 6 feet wide, 500 lbs
Origin/Destination:  Santa Ana, Calif. to Alexandria, Ohio (2,277 miles)
Winning Bidder:  Jennifer
Winning Shipping Bid:  $4000
Total Profit:  $1875 for 6 days work
Total Bids Received
:  22 (high bid: Jennifer $5,500)

 Item 2:  Skateboard Half Pipe

Jarrett verbally commits to turning over a new leaf and buckling down on paying attention to details.  “The new Jarrett is never late, never lets little kids down, and he measures.”  After measuring
his trailer three times – and being POSITIVE the 3-part, 500-lb fiberglass skateboard half pipe he’s shipping will fit – he realizes the new Jarrett is still geometrically challenged.  His miscalculation puts him in a financial hole — a $2500 flatbed.  He then promptly breaks the seller’s prize crepe myrtle, he gets the half pipe loaded and on the way — and yes, gets it to the birthday party on time without any defects or flaws.

Half Pipe
:  20′ long, 8′ wide, 500 lbs (3 sections)
: Grand Bay, Alab. to Murfreesboro, Tenn. (500 miles) 
Winning Bidder
:  Jarrett
Winning Shipping Bid
:  $1050
Total Profit:  -$1800 for a 2-day run (includes $2500 trailer expense)
Total Bids Received
:  20 (high bid: Jarrett $1,500)

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