Shipping Wars Episode Recap: Rock’em Sock’em Robots & Pregnant Horse

 Item 1:  Rock’em Sock’em Robots

On paper this seems like the perfect load for Jarrett — two extremely rare already-beat-up life-sized Rock’em Sock’em Robots in a ring with no packaging required being shipped for $1900.  But he quickly discovers that the shipping customer wants them crated, causing Jarrett to lose valuable time on an already tight 3-day, 1,000-mile journey.  Given that the Robots didn’t take up a lot of room, he picks up an additional load in Wichita — a custom, classic style car casket — to add to his profit.  And that’s when things start to unravel, giving Jarrett a shot to the financial gut.  First his starter goes bad. Then his alternator.  And after keeping his engine together with duct tape and faith, he gets the goods delivered. But not before the casket arrives with a scuff on the front corner (-$50) and the Robots arrive late to their destination ($-500).  The buyer/recipient in New York challenges Jarrett to a Rock’em Sock’em battle with $500 on the line — Jarrett wins, he gets the full amount.  The buyer wins, he takes $500 off the delivery cost.  Jarrett ends up getting rocked and socked, and forfeits 500 big ones.   

Rock em Sock em

Dimensions:  2 adult-sized steel robots + ring, 250lbs
  Wilton, Iowa to West Babylon, New York (1000 miles)
Winning Bidder:
Winning Shipping Bid:
  $1,800 (+ $1,000 for casket load)
Total Profit
(after repairs, expenses, discounts): $1,420 for 3 day run
Total Bids Received:
  13 (high bid: Jarrett $2,300)


Item 2:  Embryo Transfer Recipient Mare

This load — a pregnant mare needing overnight transport over 700 miles — was right in Jennifer’s wheelhouse.  Nonetheless, it was stressful as she dealt with the sweating horse who wouldn’t drink or eat in 100+ degree summer temperatures (when the show was taped). Spending too much time in the heat could cause the horse to lose the pregnancy. Driving through the night, she finds herself just outside of nowhere changing a flat tire and juiced up on Red Bull to keep from falling asleep at the wheel.  Fortunately the mare starts taking in some water and hay, lifting Jen’s spirits as she and the pregnant horse make the final push (no pun) into Nebraska. 

pregnant horse
Dimensions: 1 horse, 15 hands, 1100 lbs
Whitesboro, Texas to Ponca, Nebraska (917 miles) 
Winning Bidder:
Winning Shipping Bid:

Total Profit
(after fuel, repairs, supplies):  $815 for overnight run
Total Bids Received:  20 (high bid: Jennifer $2,000)

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