Shipping Wars Episode Recap: Roy Plays Hero on ‘Highway to Help’

Item No. 1:  Buzz Lightyear Ride

Sometimes a simple desire to help people in need trumps the all mighty dollar.  Well, unless your name starts with a capital T, as in Donald Trump.  But on this episode of Shipping Wars, the person’s name starts with R, as in Roy Garber.  Like many transporters on uShip who haul charitable goods for little or no cost for those in need through uShip’s Highway to Help program, Roy let nothing stand between him and delivery of a Buzz Lightyear ride for a boy who had recently lost his father.  It struck a chord with Roy who turned in a heroic performance.  Roy Garber to the rescue!  Bring your tissues…

Buzz Lightyear Ride
Dimensions: 800 lbs, 5′ high, 4′ long, 4′ wide
Origin/Destination: 1825 miles from Sun Valley, Calif., to Appleton, Minn.
Winning Bidder: Roy
Winning Shipment Bid: $0 (Charitable Shipment)
Total Bids Received: 9 (high bid: Marc $3500)
Best Quotes:   Roy:  “To me, anything is worth helping a kid.”…Upon hearing the toy ride music:  “Ok, that’s enough. Unplug it. I heard enough.”
Best Moments:  The Delivery.  The boy receiving the item lives for Buzz Lightyear and the Toy Story movie, so his grandpa knew it would be meaningful to his grandson, who had lost his father to an auto accident.

Shipment No. 2:  Large Metal Sphere

How someone created this item we’ll never know. But art is art.  But this large metal sphere made entirely of golf clubs valued at $25000.  It’s headed to the Sands Resort in Vegas.  Weighing in at 1500 lbs., this is no easy feat to transport considering bridge heights and such — and bids reflected the transporter’s understanding of the size and weight.  Ultimately Chris and Robbie got themselves a trip to Vegas — which seems like the perfect place for such an item.  But it certainly wasn’t a smooth trip as the couple didn’t get proper permits entering Arizona and were ultimately shut down until they got the proper paperwork.

We got to see Chris and Robbie’s dog Gixxer a few times this episode, but if you didn’t get enough Gixxer, check out how he stacks up with Roy’s cat, Muffy.

Large Metal Sphere
Dimensions: 1500 lbs, 9′ high, 8′ long, 8′ wide
Origin/Destination: 2500 miles from Riviera Beach, Fla., to Las Vegas, Nev.
Winning Bidder:  Chris and Robbie
Winning Shipment Bid: $2000
Total Earned After Expenses: $500 over 8 days
Total Bids Received: 13 (high bid: Marc $4300)
Best Quotes:   Marc:  “Who’s going to buy that? Someone with a 9 iron?”

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    I love the show Roy I think you are the best