Shipping Wars Episode Recap: Watercraft & uShip Help on Wheels Hurricane Relief

 Item 1:  Seabreacher Personal Watercraft

After Roy is all smiles after landing a big fish – a 19’ dolphin-shaped two-seat submersible personal watercraft – he quickly turns to all grimace while on the road.  He discovers the craft’s battery has turned on and could blow-up his trailer – which Roy was never going to let happen.  So after receiving zero help on the phone with from the shipper, he takes into his own hands and unhooks the  battery, putting him hours behind schedule.  After dropping off a rickshaw he picked up as a second load, he finally makes it to Chicago – yet another big city Roy doesn’t like – he gets some help offloading the watercraft and gets paid.


Dimensions:  19′ long
Origin/Destination: Miami, Florida to Chicago, Illinois (1400 miles)
Winning Bidder:
Winning Shipping Bid:
  $2,500 (+800 rickshaw)
Total Profit
(after expenses):  $2,450 for 5-day run
Total Bids Received:
  14 (high bid: Roy $3,500)


 Item 2:  Willy Wonka Displays Charitable Bottled Water and MREs

If you’ve watched Shipping Wars for any length of time, you know that Jennifer likes two things:  animals and candy.  So when she booked 8 Willy Wonka window displays headed to a candy store in Los Angeles for $4500, she was one happy camper.  But unfortunately she steals a book Jarrett’s measurement playbook — ultimately the load doesn’t fit in her trailer and she needs to cancel the pickup.  So instead of running completely empty, sheHighway-to-help-logo turns to uShip’s Highway to Help charitable shipment listings and books 30 units of bottled water and MREs (meals ready to eat) that need to get to hurricane evacuees in Louisiana.   She goes through the aftermatch of the hurricane, making it tough to find diesel, but eventually she gets fueled up and back on the road. Once at her destination, she even gets to drive the forklift. Woohoo!  While she didn’t get her sugar high, she definitely got an infinite supply of karma points. 

Dimensions: 30 units, 3000 lbs
Monroe, Louisiana to New Orleans (266 miles) 
Winning Bidder:
Winning Shipping Bid:

Total Loss (after canceled load, truck rental, fuel): $620 for 1-day run

Wonka Display

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