Shipping Wars Episodes Recap: “A Fairytale Disaster” and “Crypto-Prank-ology”

It’s a wrap for the third week of Shipping Wars Season Four. This week it takes two to make a haul happen in Episode 41, “A Fairytale Disaster” and newcomer Johnny Chavez finally wins his first uShip bid in Episode 42, “Cypto-Prank-ology.”

Episode 41 – “A Fairytale Disaster” 

Heirloom Chandelier

Chris and Robbie win a bid from a Tennessee bride who needs to have an heirloom chandelier shipped from one side of town to the other. The uShip listing says the haul will only take four hours but when Chris and Robbie arrive on the scene, they get thrown a curve ball. The bride informs Chris and Robbie that the chendelier is actually in Kentucky four hours away. After agreeing to double her paying price, the now “bridezilla” insists on riding with Chris and Robbie to the storage facility to pick up her chandelier. Tensions run high when the storage facility is closed for the night and Chris and Robbie are forced to spend the night somewhere in Kentucky. The marriage troop makes it out alive, after all–eventhough Chris has to listen to the two ladies discuss weddings the entire drive up and back.

Load 2 ep 41 - Chandelier

Hand Made Mahogony Bar

When  a handmade mahogony bar goes live on the uShip marketplace, the veteran shippers duke it out to see who will take the 16 piece, $200,000 bar from Wisconsin to a Georgia mancave. The two unlikeliest shippers team up for this load–Roy and Jarrett. Jarrett takes a big risk asking Roy for help, and when Jarrett’s bus breaks down, Roy lets Jarrett have it. When Roy arrives on scene, Jarrett has to hire two guys to help move the broken-down bar from one trailer to the other, costing Jarrett precious dollars and Roy precious time. When Roy delivers the load on time, he realizes Jarrett left out one important detail–he has to unload reconstruct them in the Georgia mancave. Roy makes out with $600 while Jarrett is left in the hole $130.

Load 1 ep41 - Mahogany Bar

Episode 42 – “Crypto-prank-ology”

Dennis Hopper Sculptures

Tonight’s second episode saw the arrival of newcomer Johnny Chavez, who’s family has been in trucking since the wheel was became round.  He got into a tough bidding war with Roy but outlasted Silver Jesus for the win:  $7000 to ship to enormous sculptures valued at $200,000 done by late actor Dennis Hopper.  They were headed to Hopper’s hometown of Dodge City, Kans., from Los Angeles.  While Chavez was en route with 8,000 lbs of crates, the shipper continued to call him with some really strange, unorthodox requests – taking pictures, measuring pieces of the load and so forth.  Wanting to get great feedback on his first uShip load, Johnny bent over backwards to help the shopper.  Come to find out Shipping Wars veteran and fellow big rig driver Marc Springer was hazing Johnny, who had just won his first uShip load.  But Johnny got the last laugh:  a $5,800 profit and the catch-phrase of the night:  VIVA JOHNNY CHAVEZ!!

Dennis Hopper Statues

Minnesota Iceman

Jen won her first load of the season – a frozen iceman going from Minnesota to Austin, Texas.  From the get-go Jen was a little freaked to be hauling a dead body – but then things got even weirder when the shipper told her he was going to ride along on the trip.  This led to some deep philosophical conversations about the existence of Big Foot and then a Blair Witch-like Big Foot hunt.  By the time Jen, the shipper and Iceman reached Texas, Jen had had enough and made up some ground on the Shipping Wars Bleep Count.

Load2 ep42 - Iceman

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