Shipping Wars Episodes Recap: T38 Shuttle, Flame Thrower, Fender Guitars and 42 Foot Boat

In the second week of Shipping Wars Season Four, we find that sometimes it takes a little fire power to make things work. Episode 3 and 4 involved flame throwers, a T-38 shuttle, a challenge for Marc, and Chris–who parties on a boat. Watch uShip’s Reality Check Shipping Wars recap for more information on what went down in Episodes 37 and 38.

Episode 37 – “Manners Meltdowns and Minor Mishaps”

T-38 Shuttle

Roy and Jenn team up to haul a T-38 shuttle for NASA with the agreement that Roy will not pay part of Jenn’s profit but only her expenses. As can be expected, Roy and Jenn run into some trouble working as a team. Roy promises to stay quiet and let Jenn handle the load but when she doesn’t line up the load on Roy’s truck correctly, he takes matters into his own hands. Jenn declares that she will teach Roy to be polite no matter what it takes, but as it turns out, Roy can be a gentleman when he wants to be. Roy came away with a nice $3,500 profit.

 ep41 T-38 shuttle

Flame Throwers

After a fierce bidding war with the rest of the crew, Jarrett books a load from Georgia to Austin hauling propane-fueled flame throwers. Jarrett has a little trouble fitting the propane tanks through his bi-fold bus doors, but finds a way to get them into the church bus. Halfway through the route, Jarrett gets slowed by mis-alignment of his bus wheels and is forced to visit a mechanic. The stop at the mechanic ultimately puts Jarrett three hours behind schedule and he arrives late. When the customer tells Jarrett he must doc his pay, Jarrett trades his broke-down van (flame thrower ready) to the customer and recieves full pay. After deducting the amount for the mechanic, Jarret nets $850.

 ep41 Propane Tank

Episode 38 – “If the Boat’s a Rockin’…”

Fender Music Foundation Guitars

Originally bidding to razz the other shippers, Marc ends up in a bidding war against his buddy from last season, Johnny Chavez. When Johnny starts to pull ahead in the bid, Marc goes all out and gets stuck with a load of 9 pallets full of Fender guitars eventhough his semi is in the shop. To complete the haul, Marc heads to L.A. and rents a box truck to make the load happen.  Eventhough he gets off to a rocky start, the haul goes smoothly with two stops from L.A. to San Francisco, unloading at two middle schools. Marc gets help from band kids to unload the truck and walks away with $715 in profit after deducting his box truck rental fees.

Fender Load

42 Foot Yellowfin Yacht

Chris and Robbie book a load for a 42 foot yacht thinking they could take a mini-vacation in the Florida Keys after completing the haul. WRONG. When the “Hotshot Couple” shows up to pick up the boat, the customer has changed the load to a giant yacht so big it isn’t allowed on the road. Chris manages to keep the customer’s business by agreeing to take the boat by sea to it’s new destination. Robbie gets stuck driving the truck by herself to the load destination while Chris calls his friend Diamond Dave (an official boat captain) to travel with him to deliver the boat. When Diamond Dave brings girls along, the party gets wild. All in all, the load is delivered on time and Chris profits a cool $450, but ends the haul with an upset Robbie and no mini-vacation.

Yellowfin Yacht

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