Shipping Wars: Roy Garber’s Many Nicknames

Roy Garber - Best ShipperShipping Wars cast member and uShip hauler Roy Garber (arbiesteam on uShip) already has an “official” nickname on the show: The Handyman.

Not to be outdone, however, the Shipping Wars cast has offered Roy a colorful variety of names over the course of the show. Most, not surprisingly, relate to his hair. Roy is certainly not alone– crass nicknames and playful (sometimes potty-mouthed) commentary are a signature gag in the green-screen interviews that are interspersed throughout the show.

Which is your favorite nickname for Roy? Weigh in below. Let us know if we missed any. We’ll share the results after the next Shipping Wars episode at 9/8C on A&E.

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  • Gerrit

    Why has no one commented yet? I’d have to say “Silver Jesus” is my favorite nickname for ‘Ol Roy.

  • Liza Aanor

    RIP Roy