Shipping Wars Season 3 Premiere Recap: Rodeo Bulls and Houseboat

Item 1:…9 Raging, Bucking Rodeo Bulls

Season 3 of Shipping Wars kicks off with an unusual situation:  a customer throws Jennifer more bulls than she can handle – but if you think she’s been to this rodeo before – think again.  In addition to the original 3 bulls, weighing in at 4,000 lbs – the customer tosses in 6 more bulls to get shipped.  Jennifer freaks a bit and calls in Roy to help – who, for the first time in his life, will deal with
BS rather than giving it.  After some price negotiation, the shipment is set.  Even though these raging and dangerous rodeo bulls are going just 180 miles within Texas, these bulls have their game face on as they are headed to competition. So need to be fed, watered and prepped for competition, along with overnight care for the round trip with the carrier.  And ultimately, after dealing with some bull wrangling, Roy summed it up:  I was concerned about Jen’s safety —  cuz I wanted to get paid.  Ultimately, Jen breaks down, but the job gets done, but not without some strong second-hand smoke from Roy and no way to block out Jen’s constant talking.

Rodeo Bull

Dimensions:  9 bulls at 15,000 lbs
Origin/Destination:  Decatur, Texas to Palestine, Texas (180 miles)
Winning Bidder:  Jennifer
Winning Shipping Bid:  $4000
Total Profit:  $2120
Total Bids Received
:  9 (high bid: Jennifer $1,500)

 Item 2:  15,000 lbs Houseboat

There’s household moves – and then there are HOUSEHOLD MOVES.  This houseboat — all 15,000 lb, 38 feet — needs transport from Kentucky to Wisconsin.  Chris and Robbie came away the victors in the bidding process, but hilarity ensues when the boat is simply more than they bargained for.  What was listed as 38 feet is actually 45 feet (longer than Chris’s 40-foot trailer), and when Chris calls for a crane, Bubba — of Bubba’s Boats — doesn’t have many answers.  And Chris isn’t happy when the boat bows their $15,000 trailer that is capable of carrying 25,000 lbs.  But Chris put on the brakes and refuses to ship the boat due to safety concerns.   He feels lied to so calls out the buyer and seller.  He and Robbie walk away from the load.


Dimensions:  38 feet long; 15,000 lbs
Origin/Destination:  Somerset, Ky. to Alma, Wisc. (757 miles)
Winning Bidder:  Chris & Robbie
Winning Shipping Bid:  $2800
Total Profit:  -$240
Total Bids Received
:  11 (high bid: Mark $3,500)

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