Shipping Wars Season 3 Finale Recap: Model Ship & Dinosaur Fossils

 Item 1:  ‘HMS Victory’ Model Ship

Most of the time, featured loads on Shipping Wars tend to be of the big and bulky nature:  a monster truck, geodes, surfboard Styrofoam, an old cruiser, to name a few.  But this particular shipment is far from big and bulky. In fact, other than the wedding cake Jennifer shipped during Season 2, it’s perhaps the most delicate, fragile shipment the show has ever seen.  Built over a 10 year period, this 1/700 scale model ship — “HMS Victory” — needed to get to get to its destination in just 3 days.  After winning a final bid face-off with Roy, Jennifer had to build a crate to hold the 6’ long ship shipment.  Jen’s biggest fear: arriving at her final destination with the load ship wrecked in a million pieces.  But after doing a good job securing the crate, she – and the model – arrived in one piece without a blemish. No walking the plank for Jennifer!

HMS Victory Model Ship

Dimensions:  50 lbs, 6′ long, 3′ wide, 4′ high
  Weatherby, Mo., to Beaufort, N.C. (1145 miles)
Winning Bidder:
Winning Shipping Bid:
Total Profit
(after expenses):  $1,000 for 2-day run
Total Bids Received:
  15 (high bid: Chris & Robbie $3,000)


 Item 2:  75 Million Year Old Dinosaur Fossils

While Jenn’s model ship shipment was the most delicate Shipping Wars has ever seen, this next load – two dinosaur fossils estimated to be 75 million years old – is by far the oldest.  And who else better to ship a box of rocks than Jarrett.  The urgency behind the load was to get them nearly 2,300 miles to Montana so the receiving paleontologist could begin identifying the bones and hopefully be able to name a new species before anyone else.  Once the 7,000 lb load got squeezed into Jarrett’s trailer, he picked up a polar opposite load for $600 – a collection of foam animal archery targets.  Despite blowing out a tire at the archery target delivery and collapsing his jack under the weight of the fossils in Montana, Jarrett got full  ayment for the deliveries, which were on time and fully intact – something as rare as the fossils he was delivering.

Dimensions: 7,000 lbs, 11′ long, 7.5′ wide, 3′ high
Liberty, N.C. to Bynum, Mont. 
Winning Bidder:
Winning Shipping Bid:
  $4,500 for fossils + $600 for archery targets = $5,100

Total Profit
(after expenses):  $3,400 for 4-day run

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