‘Shipping Wars’ Season Four Rookies: Meet Kourtney and Tish

Kourtney and Tish


Meet Kourtney and Tish Boden–the newest power couple in the Shipping Wars lineup. Kourtney and Trish live by their motto, “Money, power and respect, baby.” Though this couple has less than a year of professional hauling experience, they’re ready to take on their competitors using big muscle — quite literally.

Kourtney is a former UFC boxing champion, a career which has made him pretty fearless. The only thing that scares Kourtney these days is his wife Tish. (That’s something he readily admits.) According to Tish, “Kourtney’s the muscle and I’m the boss,” and the former sales manager plans to keep it that way.

In their eight years of marriage, Kourtney and Tish have moved six times, proving that the best way to learn is through experience. Understanding the ins and outs of shipping may take some time, but this rookie duo is determined to knock out the competition. Watch Kourtney and Tish show the Shipping Wars regulars they mean business and are ready to fight tooth-and-nail to get the best loads.

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