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Since Launching in 2004 uShip’s mission has been to be the world’s leading online solution for shipping anything, anytime, anywhere. Our technical team created this blog to speak up about how we are executing on this mission. The foundation of is built on .Net but we use a number of open source products like SOLRMongoDB and Graphite on a daily basis. This blog will serve as a forum and voice for both the uShip development team and developer communities all over the world.

At uShip, we practice Agile and Continuous Deployment utilizing the latest technologies. Agile is a big part of our culture as a team. We hire the most talented developers and engineers we can find–and give them a great deal of autonomy in completing projects. When something goes wrong (which is rare), our culture is never to blame, but rather to openly question and find ways to learn from the delicate balance between safety and fearlessness.

An example of these principles is the “Cone of Shame” or “Build Bear,” which is a tongue-in-cheek way to motivate and call out anyone who checks in broken or untested code. At any given time, the Build Bear can been seen patiently waiting on someone’s desk, a friendly reminder of a hiccup once made.

uShip Engineering Blog - "It Works On My Machine" - Build Bear

With this blog, we hope to bolster Austin as a start up and technology hub. We’ll showcase the great things happening in the Silicon Hills, and share the breakthroughs and challenges we’ve experienced in building uShip’s global infrastructure. We’ll show you how we scaled to support the massive influx of traffic driven by the internationally distributed A&E reality TV show “Shipping Wars” featuring uShip, including data insights gleaned from viewers’ habits.

Interact with us on FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn, and download uShip Mobile from your preferred mobile App Store. We look forward to learning and growing with all of you!


Andy Michaelis
Director of Development

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