How on Earth Did We Do That?

Earth Day

Since uShip’s inception, we’ve created a better way to ship. With that comes the opportunity for more earth-friendly solutions.

The facts:

  • Logistics and transportation activities contribute approximately 5% of the 50,000 mega-tons of carbon-dioxide emissions generated by all human activity annually. (Source: Supply Chain Decarbonization)

  • When trucking companies can’t arrange for a return shipment (i.e. backhaul), drivers pull empty trailers, often accounting for a significant percentage of all mileage of long-distance trucks.

  • The typical long-haul truck drives over tens of thousands of empty miles each year, consuming thousands of gallons of diesel in the process and emitting CO2, the primary greenhouse gas.

The uShip Solution:

  • Customer shipments are matched with transporters’ extra space.

  • uShip customers contribute an eco-offset to help neutralize the CO2 emissions resulting from their shipments, based on the weight and distance of their delivery.

  • Green transporters help offset their emissions from all uShip shipping activities through a small contribution through TerraPass



uShip and TerraPass have partnered to sponsor clean energy and carbon reduction projects that result in verified, measurable reduction in carbon emissions. uShip annually purchases offset credits based on company activities and resources used.

Want to learn more about our green solutions? Check out our green page and read more about our parntership with TerraPass.

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