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A Dead-Head’s Commute: Moving Your Taxidermy

If you have purchased taxidermy or had your own hunting trophies mounted, you understand the value in taxidermy–it’s not just a belonging, there are emotional ties to the trophy. Move your taxidermy with care so that as it hangs on your wall or sits on a shelf in your new location–it is just as majestic as the first day you saw it, whether in the flesh or at the store.

Find A Covered Trailer

You’ve decided to move your taxidermy yourself instead of hiring a professional. It is important that you have a covered trailer or pickup bed to transport your mounts in to protect them from wind during travel. If there is no covered trailer (such as a U-Haul trailer) to rent, pack them snugly in the bed of a pickup truck and cover them with a bed-cover or securely tie down a tarp. If you decide to build a crate for your trophies, no tarp needed. Just make sure that all sides of the crate are closed and secure so that no wind damage can occur during transport.

Attach 2″ x 4″s

When moving trophies without a crate, arrange the mounts in a puzzle-piece fashion and attach each trophy to its own 2″ x 4″ leaving about 6″ extra on each side. (Most trophies have a plywood-type backing to screw a 2″ x 4″ into). Once you have positioned each head to fit in its transport space, screw the 2″ x 4″ onto a large and affordable piece of plywood for security. Affixing  mounts to large surfaces for travel ensures that there is no movement while transporting.

Crate Your Mount

If you have the time and are moving a long distance, crating your trophies is the best answer. Find a common wooden pallet and build a sturdy wooden box around it to accommodate your mounts. If you are putting more than one mount in a box, be sure to start with the largest heads first and then add smaller heads as they fit–without touching. No matter if you are packing one trophy or five–if possible, separate all horns from the heads and wrap with plastic wrap. After mounting your trophy into the crate, some suggest packing clothing, towels, peanuts, etc. under the wings or head to hold them in position during travel. Be careful not to pack too tightly, as rubbing can occur which will damage the surface of the trophy.

Hire a Professional

Emotional attachment to mounted trophies makes moving these items challenging–similar to shipping your vinyl record collection. If mounting, crating and transporting your own trophies seems like too much, contact your local taxidermist or find a mover who specializes in the packing and shipping of taxidermy.

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