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From A (Autos) to Z (Zebra Mussels), Top Questions to Ask Your Transporter

When you list an item on uShip – unlike the Yellow Pages, for example – you have the luxury of choosing between thousands of feedback-rated transporters, all eager to compete for your business. But as you consider carriers’ quotes, especially if you don’t ship every day, it’s hard to know what to look for and what to ask to ensure the right provider for you.

Shipping categories vary widely on uShip,  ranging from vehicles to households, and animals to heavy equipment, with lots of variety in between. While there are a set of common denominator questions that span all categories — things like dates, pricing and insurance — there are key questions to be considered that are unique to each category type. Keep reading to get specific pointers for your shipments.

But first things first, there are some universal rules that apply to any shipping. Follow these suggestions to make the listing and quoting process smoother for everyone:

Cross-Category Questions:

  1. Which dates work for you?
  2. Is this the lowest price you can offer?
  3. What insurance coverage do you provide?
  4. What’s included in this price?

What to Avoid:

  1. Avoid transporters who encourage you to book off uShip. In doing so, you forfeit the benefits, security and transparency that comes with booking on uShip, putting yourself and your shipment at risk.
  2. Avoid engaging in any conversation not related to your shipment. Your listing exists for you to find the right transporter for the job. Everyone has a better experience when the discussion remains focused.
  3. Avoid discussing details transporters can find in your listing. Discussions like these clutter your listing and make important Q+A information harder to find. However, if there’s a particular point to emphasize – limited access at delivery or a key date for example – certainly don’t be shy about calling those out.

The Specifics:
Every type of shipment comes with its own challenges and considerations. If you’re shipping an item in one of these common categories, consider the questions below before choosing your transporter.


  1. Will my vehicle be shipping a closed or open trailer?
  2. What is the limit of personal items to be inside the vehicle?

Heavy Equipment:

  1. Do you have a forklift, ramp, or lift gate?
  2. Will my item be towed or on a flatbed trailer?
  3. Are there any permits needed for my equipment to be hauled?
  4. If yes, who obtains the permits and what are the costs?
  5. Do you have any specific pickup or delivery requirements, such as a loading dock?

Household Goods + Household Moves:

  1. Do you provide loading and unloading service?
  2. Will my items be blanket wrapped?
  3. Will you be assembling and reassembling my item?
  4. What is the setup of your vehicle? (e.g. do you have an open trailer or enclosed truck?)

Animals + Pets:

  1. What is your prior experience moving animals?
  2. How many animals do you transport at once?
  3. How often do you stop for breaks?
  4. What type of vehicle will my animal be transported in?
  5. Do you require specific paperwork such as health records?


  1. Will my motorcycle be in an open or enclosed trailer?
  2. How will it be secured? Will it be secured on the trailer?


  1. Do you have a trailer or do I need to supply it?
  2. Are you familiar with prepping a boat for transport?
  3. What permits are needed for hauling my particular size boat?
  4. Are you familiar with procedures around zebra mussels going into certain states?

Remember, if you need help during any part of your listing or shipping process, our expert member support team is here to help. Whether it’s optimizing your listing for more quotes, or navigating the process of selecting a transporter, just contact us and we’ll help you keep things moving smoothly. If you need assistance, give us a call at 800.698.7447 or email

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