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Inboxes, Rejoice! Saved Search Daily Emails Are Back

Hey transporters (and your inboxes), this one goes out to you.

Do you long for the days when you could set up a once-daily, recurring email that would keep you up to date with all the results of your saved searches, all in one clean, organized list?

We’re proud to announce the return of our popular Saved Search Daily Emails. Now, when you set up a Saved Search on uShip, you can choose to receive:

  • Instant Email: instant notification when a new shipment that fits your criteria is listed on uShip
  • Daily Email: a once-daily notification that highlights all new shipments listed in the last 24 hours that match your criteria
  • Both Instant Email and Daily Email for all or selected saved searches

    When a Saved Search is created, you can name the search, and choose between Daily or Instant emails

The right choice depends on a few factors. If you’ve got a very specific search — say, antique cars going from Florida to Texas — Instant Email may be best since it will likely yield few results that you’ll want to jump on immediately.

However, broader searches — for example, household goods traveling between New York and Florida, will likely get many results per day and can quickly overwhelm your inbox.

For those cases of multiple Saved Searches, or searches with many results every day, Saved Search Daily Email is an excellent substitute. It’s the perfect solution to save your inbox – and sanity.

The simplified daily email shows you three new shipments listed in the last 24 hours that match your criteria, and invites you to visit the site to find more like them.

Ready for daily notifications?

Here’s what our customers are saying:

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