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Moving Cost Analysis: DIY vs. uShip

Ah, it’s finally arrived. Moving season! That time between Memorial Day and Labor Day when tens of millions of people relocate around the country. Of course, people are moving all the time, but this is the moving industry’s prime time.

Moving your stuff yourself — or DIY moving — may seem to be the cheapest and easiest option. After all, you can leave it until the last minute because you’re on no one’s schedule but your own.

But when it comes to DIY moving, the devil’s in the details. Long story short, it’s a lot of work. Planning, coordinating, sweating profusely, all of it. Your perceived savings compared to hiring a moving company may not actually play out as you’d expect. In fact, depending on where you’re moving, it may cost LESS to hire a professional mover on uShip.

To put this notion to the test, we averaged estimates of the most popular rental truck companies and then pitted them against the average cost to conduct the same 3BR apartment/2BR house move through uShip.

It’s important to remember that the cost difference is a part of the story when weighing the pros and cons. Here’s what DIYers tend to forget when they tackle it themselves:

1. Labor. Let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger. Your lower back will clearly remind you of that. And buying pizza and beer for your friends after a hard day’s work doesn’t quite seem like a fair trade anymore.

2. Time. Remember that thing you complain about not having enough of? So, now you want to take time off work to, um…work? Noble? Sure. Un-American? You bet.

3. Unforeseen Charges. Fees, taxes and tolls can add up, especially when you get the “truck rental special.” And don’t be surprised if you need to pay extra to park your rig while en route.

4. Unforeseen Interruption. Bad weather, traffic and breakdowns can squash best laid DIY logistical plans. Why is it that trucks break down on Saturday night at 10 pm when no repair shop is open until Monday morning?

5. Overbooking and Inconvenience. Until you’re driving away with your truck, your rental confirmation is as valuable as the piece of paper it’s printed on. Then again, it’s how uShip got started.

6. Danger. Most of us haven’t spent a career behind the wheel of a big rig, so pulling a trailer behind a truck can be a dangerous proposition, especially at high speeds and fully weighted.

7. Risk. When you’re wiped out after 10 hours of driving, nothing can stand between you and a good night’s rest. It’s also a time when your rental truck is most susceptible to cargo theft.

8. Stressful Driving. We’ve had many shipping customers tell us that hiring a moving company vs. DIY let them enjoy the trip to their new destination, stress-free. Being behind the wheel of a 20-foot truck, you’re thinking more about making good time and not having a good time.

Remember, life is short. When it comes to moving, we recommend you don’t do it yourself.