My First Time: Shipping a Classic Car

Me picking up the car in Austin.

Me picking up the car in Austin.

My first time was exciting, but a little scary.

What if it didn’t go well? I just didn’t want to mess up. I wanted it to be a memorable experience. I mean, I know how to ship things “the normal way,” but how does a shipping auction platform work?

Starting at uShip just 7 months ago, I knew what the company was and how it worked, but I hadn’t tried using it first-hand.

This runs true for friends and family as well – I’ve noticed they have a base knowledge about uShip, but don’t really understand how it might apply to their situation or needs.

I’m here to unfold the mystery and tell you about my first shipping experience with a highly valuable commodity (spoiler alert: It was easy, cheap, and fast).


  • The shipment: A 1961 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88
  • The Problem: Getting it from Rural Arkansas to Austin, Texas
  • The Solution: uShip

Without uShip, I’m not entirely sure how I would have shipped the car to Austin.

My brother (with whom I bought the car) and I discussed driving to Arkansas to get it, but realized how much of a hassle that would be. It appeared that the whole trip would cost just as much as shipping the car if not more. But trusting someone else with your valuable possession is scary. Perhaps I would have called local transporters and searched for their customer reviews on Google. Perhaps I would have just given up.

When you get on uShip, it’s pretty straight-forward – what do you want to ship, where do you want to ship it, and when?


From there, you will be presented with 3 different shipping choices:

  • Starting an auction – list your shipment and let the bids role in
  • Booking a listed rate – Transporters will have published rates that you can book immediately
  • Naming the Price You Want to Pay – name the price you want to pay and wait for the bid to be matched (or even undershot!)

In my case, I decided to name my price ($800), and actually got underbid and settled on $775 for a top-rated broker. Once I agreed to the shipment, we exchanged information, scheduled a delivery date, and discussed the details of how it would get there. I even had the cell phone number of the driver personally transporting my car.

In the end, my car was delivered two days ahead of schedule in perfect condition.

What’s awesome about uShip is that it provides you with a customer-rated database of specialized transporters, so you’re bound to find someone to fit your needs.

My brother with the car after it’s first night drive.

Shipping a valuable car across the country was way easier than I expected because I had a fast, effective network to tap into that made the reality of owning a classic car that much more feasible – it even increased my search and buying radius.

Whether you’re shipping a car, pet, household, boat, or giant crystal egg, uShip will hook you up with a service provider that can do it.

Let us help connect you to the things that make you happy.

uShip is reinventing shipping and logistics through tools, trust and transparency. Through uShip’s transport marketplace, it’s now faster, easier and cheaper for consumers and businesses to connect with thousands of customer-reviewed transporters that often have empty truck space offered at a discounted rate.

Ship anything, anytime, anywhere with uShip!

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