How to Ditch the Santa Suit & Make Some Real Money

It was around this time a couple years ago that I struggled to rub two dollars together. I was trying to ride the train of seasonal work and cash in like most post grads. I applied for all the normally seasonal jobs but the thought of standing in a retail store with people asking me… Read More

How to go from a Military Veteran to a Civilian Driver

Did you know more than 2,000 veterans are registered on uShip as service providers? While many use our shipping marketplace to earn income, there are a number of programs in place to assist veterans as they return from service. Last year the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration funded a $2.3 million grant to help train veterans… Read More

Election Special: Moving to Canada in 5 Easy Steps

Well, early voting has begun! Regardless of your political persuasion and what current presidential campaign poll you choose to believe, it seems not a day goes by that doesn’t include someone talking about moving to Canada depending on the election outcome. If you’re seriously considering making tracks for the Great White North, we’ve put together… Read More

How to Ship a Car From Craigslist

Ah, Craigslist. Few websites that carry such an intriguing combination of effectiveness and lack of aesthetic. And yet, it’s a car-buyer’s dream. Millions of of people purchase vehicles both peer-to-peer and from dealerships using the prolific website. So, if you’ve purchased a car via Craigslist and need to ship it to you or elsewhere, where… Read More

Cash(less) is King: uShip Payments vs. Cash on Delivery

Paying for delivery of large items often leaves many people stumped and inconvenienced when dealing with Cash on Delivery. But a few years ago, uShip developed a slick proprietary system — uShip Payments — to handle this cumbersome task. I recently made two shipments, each arriving at my house at about the same time, but… Read More

How Underestimating Your Stuff Will Cost You on Moving Day

One of the top issues household moves transporters face on uShip is customers who grossly underestimate their actual volume of stuff compared to what’s described in their uShip listing. As I’ve discussed this with transporters, I’ve always made a mental note to avoid being “that guy” on my personal moves. Well, recently, I was “that guy.”… Read More

The Ultimate Move-In Guide for a College Freshman

Move-in day as a college freshman can be stressful for both you and your parents, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out these tips and tricks for making the best out of your move-in day experience. You’re at the very beginning of a very exciting time in your life—plan accordingly. 1. LEARN HOW TO MAKE COFFEE… Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Car Shipping Insurance

When you’re ready to ship your car, knowing you’ve got the right insurance coverage to keep you protected is essential to your peace of mind, and for many – your sanity. Remember, less than five percent of cars transported sustain any damage, but erring on the side of protection is always worthwhile. Check out these guidelines… Read More

A uShip Power Carrier’s Success Tips

“Save as much as you can.” Trucking is like any other business. You want to make sure you have a little bit of capital in the bank, and a rainy day fund for when “ship happens.” For instance, Jason’s truck just broke down, costing him $1,500 in repairs, and adding 8 extra days to a… Read More

Guide to Shipping a Car to Hawaii

You just bought a brand new car out of the US Mainland. You’ve got the title in your name but now you have to get the vehicle to you in Hawaii. No need to worry. Shipping a car overseas is more common than you think; and with uShip, vehicle transportation is easier than ever. uShip… Read More