Car Shipping—How It Works

Looking to ship that new car you won on eBay? Moving back to school? Relocating for work? State-to-state, overseas, and everywhere else—get your car or truck transported quickly and safely with the uShip vehicle transportation marketplace. HOW DOES VEHICLE SHIPPING WORK? Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty Unless you’re a car dealer or a gear-head, you’re… Read More

Tips for the First Night in Your New Home

  After a long day of moving furniture and boxes, you’ll want nothing more than to shower and relax in your new home. Ensure you have the items below so you can do just that. NIGHT ONE SUPPLY CHECKLIST  TO REFRESH: A clean change of clothes for the next day. Toiletries, including: shampoo, soap, toilet paper, tooth… Read More

Moving Timeline

  Things can get hectic during a big move. There are so many little things to remember it’s easy to let something slip. To combat that, we’ve laid out the most important things to remember during a move in one convenient moving timeline. It might be a good idea to print out this page and… Read More

Moving Itinerary

Ah, summertime. People usually think of swimming, baseball, and vacations during this time of year, but one important thing usually goes unmentioned: moving. As we rapidly approach the busiest time of the year for families, students, individuals and businesses to move their household goods, it’s easy to get overwhelmed as temperatures rise. Don’t sweat it,… Read More

33 Tips to Simplify Your Move

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Simplify your next move with these great insider tips and tricks. Then, explore your moving service options and learn what your moving costs might look like before you book your chosen moving company.  Think about the weather- plan around the weather, you will be glad you did when you’re… Read More

Comparing Your Moving Options

It’s moving season in America! Did you know that the average American will move 12 times in their lifetime and most of these moves happen during the summer months? With the surplus of people that will be moving in and out of the United States over the next three months, we decided to create a… Read More

The Different Moving Service Types

You’ve done it. You’re finally ready to make the move into your new home. You’ve thrown out all your unused junk and gotten everything boxed up and ready to go. Now comes the easy part: finding an affordable rate through uShip’s online shipping marketplace, where shipping customers around the world find carriers to transport their… Read More

Which Type of Vehicle Transport Is Right For Your Vehicle?

Once you’ve decided to ship your vehicle, one of the most important questions is what transport method is best for you. You’ll need to take into account your timeline, budget and the condition and durability of your vehicle to decide. If you’re not sure which method is right for you, asking service providers who’ve provided… Read More

Tips and Tricks For Packing Fragile Items

You are at the first, and most important, step in making sure your delicate items stay protected throughout your move. Taking the time to properly package and label your fragile items can ensure your breakables arrive in one piece. The most beneficial thing you can do during the packing process is take your time. It… Read More

How to Ship Classic and Antique Cars

Classic cars can hardly be lumped into the same class as the average daily driver. These handsome implements of yesteryear – often older than those who so lovingly restore and maintain them – require careful handling at every turn. So, when it comes time to ship a classic or antique car, arranging the right transport… Read More