How to Pack Your Fragile and Valuable Items

You are at the first, and most important, step in making sure your delicate items stay protected throughout your move. Taking the time to properly package and label your fragile items can ensure your breakables arrive in one piece. The most beneficial thing you can do during the packing process is take your time. It… Read More

What do Expect When You’re Expecting: Vehicle Delivery Edition

For the vast majority of people who are shipping cars, the experience can feel daunting, confusing and mysterious. More often than not, this is the first and only time they’ve shipped a car. But the process should be painless and straightforward. Keep reading to learn the basics of what to expect during vehicle pickup and… Read More

How to Prepare a Car for Shipment

So you’re shipping your car across state lines. You’ve listed it, carefully reviewed quotes, and chosen the perfect transporter. So now what? Preparing your car for shipment shouldn’t be daunting. Less than 5% of vehicles transported endure any sustainable damage, and following these simple steps can help ensure your car isn’t one of them. Inspect… Read More

Tax Tips for Owner-Operators

While we’re no tax experts, we’ve put together some helpful resources based on frequently asked questions we get around tax season. Click here for a high res version of the above chart. What tax forms does uShip provide? Short answer: None. Long answer: Service providers who utilize our online marketplace to source loads are neither… Read More

How to Choose a Vehicle Transporter

Shipping a car can seem like a mammoth undertaking for anyone without experience in the art of auto transport. Who do I hire? How much will it cost? Can I keep track of it the whole time? Is the driver trustworthy? Worry not, shipping customer. uShip makes it easy to ship a car. Our online… Read More

You Should Attend A Tech Conference

Introduction Tech conferences are a great way to learn and be inspired. The following describes a few tips to know beforehand. Finding and Booking Conferences First, identify what you are looking to get out of a conference, which languages or frameworks you’re interested in, if you want to travel or not, and date availability. Not… Read More

First Impressions Last: Why Your uShip Profile Matters

What do you think your potential customers trust more? a. Newspaper articles b. Online customer reviews c. Ads in a magazine d. Online banner ads If you chose b. online customer reviews then you made the right call. Nielsen research says 70% of people trust online consumer opinions, second only to recommendations from friends and… Read More

This Trick May Forever Change How You Find Shipments on uShip

You’re your own boss. Your own schedule. Your own shipments. That also means trying to run full as much as possible and being a logistical wizard getting it all done. If you haven’t discovered this little trick on uShip when looking for shipments, you just might be leaving a lot of time on the table,… Read More

The 2014 Best Trucks for Towing

Whether you are picking up hotshot loads or hauling a cross-country move, you are only as reliable as your truck. Listed below are four of the best heavy duty trucks hotshot and independent transporters can buy today: 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty   The U.S. automotive industry has been beaten and battered in recent years. But thanks… Read More

The 10 Best Highway Restaurants in America

Whether you’re hauling a load from coast to coast or simply making a regional delivery, proper nourishment is a necessity on the road. Regardless of the circumstance, an empty stomach deserves high-quality eats. In no particular order, here are 10 of the best highway eateries the country has to offer:   1. Modern Diner, Pawtucket,… Read More