Craft Brewers: 3 Tips on How to Ship Your Alcohol Across State Lines

Even the most recreational of drinkers know that alcohol has cemented its place in American folklore over the past two and a half centuries. Major historical events such as the Prohibition Era in the 1920s attempted to outlaw beer, wine and spirits, but the government’s effort was to no avail, as a whole new underground… Read More

America’s Top 5 Must Stop Rest Stops

American infrastructure is laid out in a way that people can pack up their cars and drive to nearly any distant location, time permitting of course. The mere thought of the open road and close companions excites any adventure seeker, and the journey to a new destination is half of the experience, some say. From… Read More

The 6 Best Biker Rallies In The Country

There’s something about the open road that motorcyclists find appealing. Whether it’s the open air or the thundering rumble of the engine beneath them, bikers are a proud and enthusiastic group of people. It’s this type of passion that translates into what many people believe is a complete lifestyle. Motorcyclists travel great distances just to… Read More

Tips for a Smooth DITY Move

The following is the third post in our miniseries covering Primary Change of Station (PCS) moves by guest blogger Janet McIntosh, Army wife. Once you make the decision to conduct a DITY move you may not know where to start. This may be the first time you have conducted a move on your own.  Well,… Read More

DITY Move vs. Government Transportation

  The following is the second post in our miniseries covering Primary Change of Station (PCS) moves by guest blogger Janet McIntosh, Army wife. As many of us gear up for PCS season, you may be contemplating whether you want to choose a do-it-yourself/personally procured move (DITY/PPM) or go with military transportation. This is a… Read More

After the Move: 10 Tips for Unpacking

Moving Day is over–you’re tired, sweaty, spent and possibly even abused but you can’t take a show until you find your soap. WHERE DID YOU PACK THAT SOAP? Don’t let unpacking be the worst part of the move, dragging on and on forever. Get your ish together and get it done. These ten things will… Read More

A Dead-Head’s Commute: Moving Your Taxidermy

If you have purchased taxidermy or had your own hunting trophies mounted, you understand the value in taxidermy–it’s not just a belonging, there are emotional ties to the trophy. Move your taxidermy with care so that as it hangs on your wall or sits on a shelf in your new location–it is just as majestic… Read More

U-Haul vs. uShip: What’s the Cheapest Way to Move Out of State?

It was Tuesday night about 10pm and things were looking bleak.  My uShip listing – a standard household move going 1100+ miles from Northern Arizona to Austin – had received ZERO bids and just a few sniffing questions from transporters. With my must-move date just three days away on Friday, I began doubting I’d get… Read More

Distracted Driving Awareness Month: Are You A Distracted Driver?

Are you a Distracted Driver? According to the National Safety Council, one in three Americans should say “yes.” April has been dubbed National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and there are plenty of resources to learn about how to decrease the number of distracted drivers.