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Spring Storage Guide: Taking Your Motorcycle Out of Storage

By Guest Contributor Jenny Zhang, SpareFoot

It seems like just yesterday that we were writing about winter storage tips for your motorcycle. That frosty time has come and gone–it’s spring again! While some unfortunate citizens in the north might still be encountering snow, it’s pretty much smooth sailing down in the south; Austin, TX has been maintaining a steady 80 degrees for the past week, a perfect time to move your bike or dust it off for spring. If you put your motorcycle into self-storage for the winter and are preparing to take it out again, be sure to follow these tips to ensure optimal
performance when you take it out of storage again.

Check your tires

It’s inevitable that your tires may have deflated during the length of storage–if that’s the case, make sure you check air pressure and refill as needed. It’s also important to inspect your tires for any potential cracks or punctures.

Inspect the battery

If you followed proper motorcycle storage procedure, you should have either been charging your battery every two weeks or using a trickle charger. Even so, make sure you check the voltage of the battery before reconnecting it to your bike and take care of any corrosion that may have built up.

Complete a full body inspection

Look for any cracks or rust in the bike frame. Check the gears, cables, throttle and pedals, and tighten nuts, bolts and any other loose parts. Test the lights and replace any bulbs that may have dimmed. Don’t forget to test your horn as well.

You should also inspect and lubricate the bike’s chain and appraise the sprockets. Additionally, make sure your bike’s front forks and rear suspension are adjusted. Remove the spark plugs and pour in two tablespoons of oil to lubricate the cylinder walls if you did not perform the proper lubrication prior to storage.

Change the oil

Depending on the duration of storage, your best practice would be to change the oil and replace the oil filter. Additionally, check the levels of all other fluids and change accordingly. Remember that it’s absolutely imperative to use a newly sealed supply to top off any fluid that may need it.

If you followed proper motorcycle storage procedures, bringing your bike out of storage again should be virtually painless. Don’t get too eager to blast through the countryside immediately, though–start the bike and let it run for a few minutes to warm it up and get the fluids circulating. Additionally, be careful when you start riding again–you may be rustier than you think! Take it easy and reintroduce yourself to your beloved bike. Happy riding!