Summer Moving the Easy Way – The MacDonalds’ Story – uShip versus U-Haul

The MacDonalds

Some say three times is a charm. For Jeff and Nicole MacDonald, the fourth time was a charm. 

After going through four moves in five years, it was only on the couple’s most recent relocation – a 2,000-mile trek from Austin to Bend, Ore., in May — did the MacDonalds know they’d hit the proverbial jackpot.  They discovered, where they were connected with a feedback-rated moving company that had extra truck space. 

Jeff first calculated renting a truck, fuel costs, pet shipping, driving the second car, hotel and various unknowns: $2400.  They also knew the self-load containers didn’t serve remote places like central Oregon, and waiting for the containers didn’t fit their needs.  And they’d experienced the firestorm of inbound calls from brokers after filling out form on a moving company’s Web site.  

Nicole posted a free moving listing on uShip and accepted an $1800 bid from JP Transport, who would load and offload the truck at each end and was fully insured.  As an independent web producer and writer, respectively, Jeff and Nicole realized this meant fewer days off work, the ability to bring their two German Shepherds in their own car (not the cab of a truck) and give them the opportunity to see family in parts of the country they likely won’t visit in the foreseeable future. 

Infographic – Moving Savings: uShip vs. U-Haul 



B-roll preview of the MacDonalds’ Move  – Video available for download by request

 (Includes footage and interviews with MacDonalds and JP Transport, 3:31, 1080p)

Photo Album of MacDonalds’ uShip Move

McDonald Move

The MacDonalds’ Original Moving Listing on

The MacDonalds’ Moving Listing on Since movers JP Transport were already in the area, they bid on the move and won the job.


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