uShip Carrier Profile Spring Cleaning: Consider the F-Factor

uShip Carriers and Movers:

The busiest time of year for relocation and transport is coming up fast! There’s no better time than now to do some spring cleaning on your uShip Profile.

dustpanAfter all, your uShip Profile can become your biggest marketing tool as a service provider. It’s your face with your customers, establishing credibility to clients both on and off our site.

Leaving off valuable information, failing to upload photos or videos, or having a lack of customer feedback can easily cause a potential customer to accept another transporter’s bid.

Recent studies of consumer behavior demonstrate that people are relying on online recommendations more than ever when making decisions.  Past customer feedback (Yelp, Google Reviews, Amazon, etc.), and Facebook’s “Like” button are all examples of this growing phenomenon. Some analysts call it the “F-Factor,” with the “F” standing for friends, fans and followers.

It’s no coincidence uShip has incorporated feedback ratings and the Facebook “Like” button across the site. uShip customers have left 250,000 pieces of feedback to date for every transporter on the site.
Like IconAnd the Like Button– you’ll find one on every carrier profile, regardless of experience. Transporters are welcome to invite customers, friends and family to “like” their accounts.


Top 5 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your uShip Profile

1. Get friends, family and customers to “Like” your uShip profile.

 Just get people to click “Like.” They don’t even have to be registered on the site.

2. Update your DOT, MC, Insurance, Equipment and Experience details.

Provide as much information on your licensing and authorities as possible.

3. Make sure your profile includes a short, personal description of you and your services.

Be sure that your description is clear, personable and free of typos. This can make a huge difference when placing competing bids.

4. Update photos and videos on your profile to reflect your recent work.

Updating photos and videos on uShip is an easy process. Customers on uShip appreciate seeing you, your equipment, past shipments and listening to any tips you can provide. These can go a long way in establishing your credibility as a transporter and giving you a competetive edge on transport jobs.

5. Get CarrierWatch Verified. 

 uShip now offers CarrierWatch Verification for all transporters, giving customers another way to verify the identity and operating authority of carriers.  We cover the cost of verification. The only action required on your part is ensuring you have up-to-date DOT/MC licensing and a credit card on file. Get started here!

Most importantly, don’t forget to ask your customers to provide feedback after each shipment!

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