5 Ways to Improve your Company Profile

When working with customers online, you lose some of the familiarity of personal interaction. Although we haven’t managed to digitize looking a customer in the eyes, giving them a firm handshake and a warm smile, there are still ways to make a great first impression to customers on the Internet.

Although some shippers may only be looking for the cheapest quote, most will want to know more about the transporters placing the bids. Your online profile, along with your bid comments and feedback, is the face of your company to these customers. We have put together a few tips for maximizing your uShip company profile, and help you win more jobs.

Company Profile

1. Fill your profile out completely

The more information you add to your company profile, the better. With two equally priced competing bids, our research shows that customers choose the company that inspires the most confidence. Filling your profile out entirely can give you the extra edge over the users that simply list their company name.

Along with your DOT/MC, company name, and insurance information gives your potential customers a description of your business and who you are. By telling your customers more about yourself, you help them feel more comfortable and increase their trust in your services.

2. Include Pictures of your Operation and Equipment

Upload pictures to show off your rig, your office, or a shot of you loading or unloading a shipment.  Showing customers your operation helps reinforce your expertise and remove fears that you will show up with a roll of duct-tape and an El Camino.
Your profile is all about making a good impression, and pictures can reinforce your qualifications.

3. Highlight your areas of expertise

If you have the experience and equipment for specialized moves, let your potential customers know. If heavy equipment, refrigerated transport, animals, pianos and special care are your specialty, remember to mention that on your profile, and even include a picture of you moving that kind of shipment. If you have 10 years of experience but forget to let shippers know,
they will select the transporter who remembers to tell them.

4. Use proper language and avoid ALL CAPS

Though you don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize winner, double checking your profile for obvious grammar and spelling mistakes can make a big difference. You could be a great transporter, but poor grammar and spelling may give the impression that you’re careless. Double check with a friend or spouse, or use free spell-check tools on the internet like Spellchecker.

Also, avoid using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in your profile and bids. While using capital letters selectively can help bring
attention to certain parts of your profile, using them exclusively can make your messages hard to read, and is also considered impolite “yelling” on the Internet.

5. Watch what you say

From time to time, you may have a problem customer or get poor feedback that you do not deserve.  Resist the urge to get back at that customer in the feedback process. Any shipper visiting your profile can easily read through your previous comments and may decide against using your services after reading your negative response to another shipper.

While you should certainly leave negative feedback for those that deserve it, try to do so in a professional tone. Coming off as bitter and insulting may lead future customers to think twice about using your services. Don’t give them the false impression that you’re anything but reliable, polite and professional.

Slight improvements to your profile could make the difference between winning or losing out on a great shipment, and don’t take very long to change.

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