“AskDean” uShip Motors Manager Answers Your Shipping Questions

If you have a question about shipping your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat, Dean Xeros is here to help.

Dean joined the uShip team in recently as the General Manager of uShip Motors, bringing with him years of experience from working at Dependable Auto Shippers, one of the largest shipping firms in the country.

As part of his new role at uShip, Dean will be answering your questions about auto, motorcycle, and boat shipping,  here on the uShip Blog. If you would like to ask him a question, just send it to AskDean@uShip.com and he’ll do his best to answer them for you.

Dean answers the first of your questions this week!


I’m moving across the country and having my car shipped, I was planning on packing it full of stuff and knock out two birds with one stone, but I was told I couldn’t. Why can’t I pack my car full of stuff?

-Tom C., Sacramento, Calif.

DX. This has to be one of the most popular questions asked
when shipping a car. The vehicle is going cross-country, what harm could
there be in packing a personal items in the car as well?

Well, quite a bit of harm, sadly.

MovingFirst of all, the transport driver needs safe and easy access to the vehicle, as well as clear line of sight for loading and unloading it as necessary.

Second, the vehicle itself can be harmed if the items are loose. Packing the car full of stuff greatly increases the likelihood that
something will come loose at a bump in the road, and it can cause severe damage to the interior.

Third, other vehicles on the shipment are at risk if the objects exit the vehicle during transport and could possibly damage them. Fourth, all vehicles are transported unlocked for mandated Federal vehicle inspections. These inspections have intensified since 9/11 and in accordance with Homeland Security guidelines. This could provide the opportunity for items to be confiscated.

Overall, packing your car full of stuff increases the cost, time, and likelihood of damage or injury to your vehicle, the driver, and other vehicles being shipped, so the few dollars you save on shipping will likely end up costing you way more in the end.

Hope this helps, and thanks for the question!

-Dean Xeros

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  • jim williams

    I axcpted a bid thru USHIP and was tould to give them my credit card no. befor the truck was shiped, Now along story short, I have been told that my truck is not going to get thare for several days after i was needing it bad. can i cancel this and find some one that can get it deliverd sooner? plese anser soon Thanks jim