Bid on Hot Deals and Save 50% on Match Fees

Now Transportation Service Providers can get an immediate 50% discount on Match Fees by bidding on a listing that has been designated a “Hot Deal.”

Hot Deals Are:

  • Listings that have not received a marketplace bid, but are likely to match if they receive one.
  • Shipments that are likely to match based on a statistical analysis of a variety of factors including past customer activity, the quality and completeness of the listing and other member and listing data.
  • great deal for transporters since Match Fees are discounted by 50% if thefirst bid placed on a Hot Deal listing is accepted.

Hot Deals Tips:

  • Hot Deals can be found on the new Hot Deals tab in Find Shipments and are also denoted by the Hot Deal icon  next to the shipment name in Find Shipment sorts and in Saved Searches.
  • Only the first bid on a Hot Deal shipment is eligible for the discount. Subsequent bids, even by the same TSP, are not eligible.
  • TSPs are encouraged to bid aggressively and accurately on their first bid on Hot Deals shipments in order to win the job and receive the 50% discount.

TSPs can check for Hot Deals now >>


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