Bidding Policy Change – CC & PayPal Surcharges

uShip is committed to the best possible user experience for all of our customers. In order to simplify communication and allow customers to equally compare the total cost of bids from multiple TSP’s, uShip has bidding best practices in place that all TSP’s must follow.  Specifically, under Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express regulations, and the laws of several states, merchants may not charge an additional fee or “surcharge” to the buyer simply for accepting credit card payments. In order to comply with these regulations as well as to improve customers’ buying experience, uShip will no longer allow TSP’s to add credit card and PayPal surcharges on top of their bids on any U.S shipments. Effective May 13, 2010 charging this surcharge to customers is a flaggable offense and will be considered a violation of our policy.

Please keep in mind that all bids presented to customers, both formal as well as those informally discussed through Q&A, must be all-inclusive. Your total bid must be presented as one single $ amount and to arrive at it you should include:

  • Your costs (gas, hotels, tolls, etc.)
  • Your profit
  • Any applicable federal, state or local taxes
  • Any credit card or PayPal processing surcharges you incur
  • uShip’s match fee that we charge to TSP’s account (Tip: use the Calculate Bid link next to the bid box and we will do the math for you)

Non-Inclusive bids that attempt to post or discuss these or other costs separately to the customers are in violation of uShip’s polices and are a flaggable offense. In addition, if a TSP places a bid on a listing with several items, the bid price must reflect the cost of transporting the entire shipment. Per uShip policy, TSPs may not quote the price for only one item in a multi-item shipment listing.

Other prohibited content that will result in a red flag includes:

  • Contact Information – Phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, websites, etc. are not allowed to be posted on the site, whether or not they are your own information or another person’s.
  • Unrelated Information – All content on the Q&A board must be directly related to the relevant shipment and to the services that you offer. You may not provide warnings or any information (whether accurate or not) about your competitors, unsolicited advice (legal or otherwise), or any other off-topic comments to other members. You may however discuss your own business and the services you can provide related to the specific shipment.
  • Profanity – uShip is a professional community and should be treated accordingly. Cursing, slurs and insults will not be tolerated.
  • Direction off-site – All communication must remain on-site until a bid is formally accepted. Discussions of communicating outside of uShip will be considered circumvention of the site.

We appreciate all of our members’ support in self-policing the marketplace to help uShip maintain a fair and level playing field for all TSP’s and a safe, simple, and straightforward buying experience for your customers resulting in more booked jobs and more satisfied, repeat customers.

Bidding Policy Change – CC & PayPal Surcharges was last modified: July 7th, 2013 by uShip
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