Changes to Cancellation Policy

Over the next few days, uShip will make several significant changes to our policy on cancellations. While some cancellations are expected and inevitable in the transportation industry, others occur because of inadequate communication between customers and Service Providers (TSPs), inefficient or overbidding by TSPs, or attempts to circumvent uShip fees.

Regardless of the cause, excessive cancellations are unfair to both customers and the majority of TSPs who bid appropriately as it denies them the opportunity to service those shipments.

Because cancellations have not been formally incorporated into a TSP’s Positive Feedback percentage (shown to be the most important selection criteria), customers often have a difficult time taking into account a TSP’s cancellation history when choosing a winning bid. Thus, some TSP’s who had very high cancellation rates were still able to win many bids against TSPs who did not have high cancellation rates. We find this result unacceptable.Thus uShip will begin counting excessive cancellations against each member’s Positive Feedback percentage.

To only penalize excessive cancellations, uShip will only count cancellations above the level of 10% of a member’s total matches. We have found that the vast majority of TSPs are able to operate with a cancellation percentage under 10%. Additionally, a cancellation will only be weighted ½ when calculating a TSP’s Positive Feedback percentage.

Summary of changes to cancellation policy

  • For every 10 matches, users will get one “freebie” Cancellation. All cancellations above this will be deemed “excessive”
  • Excessive Cancellations will count as ½ of a non-positive against the % Positive rating
  • Excessive Cancellations will not affect the overall Feedback Score
  • Cancellations from Book it Now and Ship it Now matches will not count as Excessive Cancellations
  • These changes will be retroactive

Example of changes to cancellation policy


Matches 71 8 “freebie” Cancellations earned
1 for each 10 matches completed =7.1; rounding up=8
Positive Feedback 47  
Neutral Feedback 0 This number only counts actual Neutral feedback – excessive cancellations shown separately
Negative Feedback 2  
Cancellations 16 16 – 8 freebies = 8 excessive Cancellations
 8 Excessive cancellations are counted with a ½ weight = 4
Feedback Score 45 47 positive – 2 negative
Positive Feedback Percentage
Old Method 96% 47 positive / (47 positive+2 negative)
New Method 89% 47 positive / (47 positive + 2 negative + 4 from 8 excessive cancellations)



What this means for you

Historically, if you have had more than 10% of your matches cancelled, you will be affected by this change. To minimize the effects of the change, please follow our tips:

  • If you are a shipper (customer), be sure to give as much accurate information in your listing as possible.

    Including: the correct dimensions, special services needed, information about the pickup and delivery location (such as flights of steps, etc) and correct pickup and delivery timeframes. Be sure to change this information if your situation changes.
  • If you are a TSP, change your bidding behavior going forward.

    Be sure to read and understand all the details on a shipment listing, including service needed, dimensions, prior Q&A, and pick-up and delivery timeframes.If something is unclear or not in the listing, ask the shipper a question before bidding. Be sure to give as much accurate information as possible in your bid, including pickup and delivery timeframes, payment options, amount of deposit, if your require it.

    Only bid on multiple items if you have space in your vehicle to service them all, should they be accepted. And be sure to place an expiration time on your bid that works with your schedule.

  • Avoid unnecessary cancellations by communicating 

    When a match is made, contact the other party as soon as possible and stay in contact with them throughout the transaction. Respond to emails and phone calls promptly. Many unnecessary cancellations occur because the customer and the TSP do not communicate well or enough.

  • Make sure to leave feedback and remind other members to leave you feedback 

    Go through your completed matches section of My uShip and leave feedback for all your matches. This will remind other members to leave you feedback. For future matches, be sure to leave the other member feedback immediately after the delivery.If you have completed a transaction and have not received feedback, it is acceptable to politely ask for feedback via email.

    Remember, the more positive feedback you have left for you, the less that excessive cancellations will affect your % positive rating. As a TSP, if your % positive falls below certain thresholds, you may not be eligible for Power Provider discounts, Book it Now access, etc.

For additional discussion on this topic, please see the following thread:

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