Five Unexpected Ways to Save on uShip

You already know that uShip is a great place to find transporters for a car, house, or boat. But did you know we have thousands of movers specializing in everything from shipping antiques and artwork to heavy equipment and horses? As the largest online shipping marketplace, we can help you to move almost anything.  Here are a few unexpected ways that you could be using uShip to save some money.

1.    Send your furry friends across the country

unexpected1There are many methods to transport your beloved furry ones (or scaled ones, if you’re into reptiles) across the country. Traditional transportation options for pets can be very costly, or require you to adhere to strict guidelines and leave your pet unattended for hours in a cargo hold.
On uShip, you can find pet transporters that will treat your pet as if it were their own, and at a great price. The personal attention and care offered to your pet by uShip Service Providers can help ease the stress of moving.

Read the story of Brady going home to Florida!


2.    Delivering that amazing eBay or Craigslist purchase

unexpected2You finally found that perfect collectors piece on eBay or Craigslist, but now you need it delivered. While you could hassle your neighbor for his truck, you can save everyone the trouble and use uShip. In addition to our national movers we have thousands of local moving companies with vehicles for any size job. Whether you need a man with a van, pickup
truck, or a full trailer to collect your fantastic finds, uShip can help you get a great transporter without sacrificing all of the money you saved on your purchase.

1960’s Vendo’s Coca-Cola machine bought on eBay






3.    Bring home a piece of history with Special Care shipping.

unexpected3You’ve inherited a china cabinet from your aunt Hilda, or finally found the perfect grandfather clock for your grandfather’s room in your home – but how will you get it home? Though it’s possible to do it yourself, antiques can be heavy and difficult to maneuver without the right expertise. One of uShip’s many special care movers can help.

Special care movers have the gentle touch and expertise that ensures your fragile furniture makes it home safe and sound. The white glove services offered mean that you don’t have to worry about a thing – the movers will pick up, package, deliver and install your new antique wherever you need them to, ensuring your heirloom can keep passing down through the

Antique sideboard handled with TLC.

4.    Score A+ savings on a move to college.

unexpected4Junior is finally out of the nest and off to college.  While the image of a u-Haul or Toyota Seleca overly stuffed with boxes seems quaint, professional movers can often fill extra space in their trucks with relatively small-sized moves, such as a dorm room or fraternity/sorority house, for a fraction of the cost of renting.  Think of it as one more chance to preach about making your dollar go the extra mile. There will be plenty of cramming to do in college, so let others take care of it for now.

Excellent experience shipping our daughter’s apartment furniture to new college.

5.    uShip helps you to help others.

unexpected5When you need to send a helping hand, take the Highway to Help. uShip’s charitable shipment program was designed to help generous people to get in touch with generous transporters willing to help out on charitable shipments. Whether it’s care packages for the troops, or supplies for Haiti, highway to help can get your donations there. uShip Service Providers are a kind bunch, and may offer even lower rates than usual if it means lending a hand to those in need.

 Learn more about the Highway to Help program from uShip CEO Matt Chasen.

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