Freight Shipments: Efficiently find freight

To help Service Providers better distinguish between shipment types, we have changed how freight shipments are defined on uShip. There are now two types of shipments that can be thought of as “freight”:

  • Freight Ready shipments are marked with a yellow colored freight icon and are already crated and palletized. Only carriers who can handle palletized or crated freight shipments should bid on and service these shipments.
  • Freight Eligible shipments are marked with a gray freight icon, and are not necessarily crated or palletized. Shipments marked as Freight Eligible are from shippers who are willing to consider freight bids alongside other types of bids. These shippers are informed that freight services require that their shipment be crated or palletized, and that basic freight services do not include loading, unloading, inside pickup, or inside delivery-although you are free to offer these services when you place a bid.

Along with adding the Freight Ready and Freight Eligible icons to Find Shipments, uShip has added a new “Freight Ready” filter under “More Filters.” If you are interested in serving these Freight Ready shipments, simply select the new filter and you will only be shown listings that are crated or palletized to be shipped as freight. Just another improvement that will make finding and bidding on the right jobs easier than ever!

Freight Shipments: Efficiently find freight was last modified: July 10th, 2013 by uShip
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