How a Great uShip TSP Helped Deliver 500 books to the Troops

We love hearing our users’ success stories about uShip, but it’s even more rewarding when we hear that our Highway to Help program is helping generous people and service providers to work together for a good cause.

Recently we heard from Paul Malmont, who runs Operation Warrior Library, a group of authors that donate copies of their bestselling books to the troops overseas. The Warrior Library had collected 500 books and was ready to be ship them off to Afghanistan.

How a horseman and uShip helped us deliver 500 books to the Troops: 

“That’s where my favorite company, uShip, comes in… Now, what makes this company truly cool, is that they have a charity option. When you click that, wonderful people offer to haul for next to nothing. Dave (EllenwoodEquestrianCenter) turned out to be the right guy in the right place at the right time. “

We’re glad to be of service, but it is really the great uShip Service Providers we have on our site that go out of their way to make the Highway to Help program work. We were incredibly happy to hear that the books were delivered to Fort McPherson and are already on their way to the 278th Heavy Brigade Combat team.

On behalf of all of us here at uShip we’d like to thank EllenwoodEquestrianCenter and WarriorLibrary for giving us the chance to bring them together to help out the troops. Keep up the good work!

How a Great uShip TSP Helped Deliver 500 books to the Troops was last modified: July 8th, 2013 by uShip
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