New Advanced Bidding Tool – Group Bidding

uShip is excited to announce the launch of our first advanced bidding tool: Group Bidding. Group Bidding will enable TSP’s with limited capacity who are on tight schedules to win more jobs, much faster than ever before.

Group Bidding allows qualified TSP’s to “group” and name similar shipments, (for example, “Chicago to Seattle”) and set a limit on how many shipments from that group TSP’s are willing to service. The system will automatically cancel all open bids in the group once a TSP reaches their limit for each group. This allows TSP’s to bid on numerous shipments all at once without the risk of overbooking and/or risking cancellations. Group bidding is only available to “qualified” service providers who have at least 10 feedback and at least a 90% positive feedback rating.

Example: Bid on multiple loads in the same direction

A TSP will be travelling from Chicago to Seattle and only has room for two vehicles in their multi-car trailer. The TSP finds 4 vehicle shipments going in similar directions and is willing to service the first two that accept their bid.

The TSP is qualified* and decides to use group bidding. When he bids on the first vehicle, he creates and names a new “group” using the dropdown menu in the bidding box  and uses the dropdown menu to set the group’s settings to only accept a maximum of 2 shipments. He then bids on the other three vehicles, and assigns them all to the same group.

Once this is set:

  • The TSP can only match a maximum of 2 shipments from this group, regardless of the order the bids are placed or accepted.
  • If the TSP reaches 2 matches from this group, all their open bids on other listings in the group will be automatically and immediately cancelled.
  • The TSP may always manually cancel any open bids in the group before they are accepted by a customer.

Example 2: Bid on large front haul loads going in different directions

A TSP is in Chicago and has the capacity and desire to service one large household move for $2000 or more whose delivery is less than 500 miles from his current location. The TSP uses our search filters and finds three shipments that fit this criteria. Instead of bidding on them one at a time, the TSP uses group bidding to group these shipments and bid on all three in the same session. From the group bids table in My uShip, the TSP uses the dropdown menu to change the group’s settings to accept a maximum of 1 shipments from the 3 in the group. As soon as the first customer in this group accepts a bid from this TSP, all the other open bids in this group will be cancelled automatically.

You can also create, name and delete new groups directly from your My uShip and move open bids from the Open Bids table to the new Group Bidding table in My uShip.

We are very excited about the power of group bidding and hope that you will give it a try to win more jobs, faster! Feel free to give us your thoughts and comments on this feature at the Group Bidding Discussion Thread.

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