New: Category Updates

We have launched our first major update of our Categories in over three years. In order to better categorize the expanding types of goods that our members are shipping on uShip, we are making the following changes:

  • Shipments may fall into multiple categories. E.g., a furniture shipment that is palletized or crated will be listed under both Furniture and Freight.
  • General Goods is splitting into two new categories, Household Goods and Business & Industrial Goods
  • The new Business & Industrial Goods will have vastly expanded commodity sub-categories, e.g. Construction Material, Wood Products, etc.
  • The Plants sub-category is moving from Plants & Agriculture into the new Household Goods category
  • Plants & Agriculture is being renamed Food & Agriculture, and various new food sub-categories will be added
  • Motorcycles will move from within Vehicles to be its own main category
  • People is being renamed Passengers
  • Service types will no long be within the category structure, rather the service types associated with each category will be provided with each bid.
  • The sub-categories in Household Moving will change from different moving service types (Full Service, Self Service, etc.) to number of bedrooms (2BR, 3BR, etc.)
  • The sub-categories within Boats will change from different service types (Trailer Only, Trailer or Sail It, etc.) to type of boat (Sail, Power, etc.)
  • Mode of Transport (Trucking, Air, Rail, Ocean or Intermodal) will now be included with each bid

We’ve started a thread in our discussion forum for you to provide feedback and ask questions regarding these changes:  We think these changes will make listing shipments,  finding shipments and understanding service types much easier and result in a better user experience.

Happy Shipping!
The uShip Product Team

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