Organizing for a Move

Moving Boxes CoupleAs we continue on with ourSummer Moving Series we thought it would be a good idea to get back to the basics. Therefore, the second installment will focus on how you can get organized pre-move to help maximize efficiency and minimize your moving costs.

Formulate a Plan of Attack

Before you actually begin to sort and pack up your belongings you should identify which areas are going to be more tedious and time consuming so you can budget time accordingly. Places such as closets, garages and storage rooms can be full of items that require varying styles of packing. You will also probably need to go through these rooms more carefully to see what you want to keep and what to throw away. Less time can be allocated to bedrooms and community rooms where you know you will be keeping most of the stuff.

Make a Moving Inventory

While it is a bit tedious, making a moving inventory can actually save you time and money in the long run. Go room to room and write down which items you will be taking and what can be left behind. Keep in mind that the more you take the more expensive and time consuming a move will be, so it is often best to act practically rather than nostalgically.

Organize the “Stay Behind” Items

Once you have identified which items are going to stay behind they can be sorted out. While some things are simply trash and are not worth wasting time with, stuff such as old clothing, appliances and furniture can either be sold or donated. The best way to do this is to take everything into an open area and simply make a “trash” pile and a “sell/donate” pile.

Now that you have two piles, the “sell/donate” items should be examined a bit more carefully. Used clothes are often difficult to sell but are great to donate to charity. Not only will you clear closet space, but you will also help someone in need. Make sure that all clothes you plan to donate are free of holes, major stains, or other damage so you won’t be wasting a charity’s time.

You may want to attempt to sell the furniture, appliances or other items you plan to leave behind. Whether you hold a garage sale, list them online or drop them off at a charity, you can make a few dollars and possibly help out someone in need. Once again, this will probably be more time consuming for closets and storage, so plan accordingly.

Moving will be much easier and quicker once you have identified everything you will be taking. Completing this step before you begin to pack will save you time, avoid the cost of moving useless items and get a better understanding of everything you will be taking along.


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