Profile Completeness: Add more info, win more jobs

A complete profile is one of the best ways for uShip Service Providers to market their business and win more jobs, so uShip is excited to announce our new “Profile Completeness” feature, which helps Service Providers determine exactly what to add to their profile to attract more customers.

Now when Service Providers edit or view their own profile, they’ll be given their “Profile Completeness” percentage, which compares the information in their current profile to a “model profile” based on the metrics of uShip’s most successful providers. The more information you add to your profile, the higher your Profile Completeness number. According to our research, Service Providers with profiles that are 100% complete are the most successful at winning jobs in the uShip marketplace. As more Service Providers use this feature and update their information, we will continue to track and update the Profile Completeness feature to give you the accurate feedback on the effectiveness of your profile.

Want to see how complete your profile is and what you can do to get to 100%? Log into My uShip and select “Edit My Profile” to explore this new feature.

We’re very excited about this feature and hope to see more and more Service Providers with 100% complete profiles. Feel free to let us know your thoughts about this new feature in the Profile Completeness discussion thread.

Profile Completeness: Add more info, win more jobs was last modified: July 10th, 2013 by uShip
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