Q&A With Heather Hoover, Manager of Community, Trust and Safety

Heather HooverAs part of her job as uShip’s Community, Trust & Safety Manager, Heather Hoover and her team field a lot of questions. Having helped our users solve every type of problem, we talk to Heather to learn what it really takes to have a smooth shipment transaction.

What are some of the common questions you receive from Shipping Customers and Transporters?

We field many questions about shipment listing and profile completeness.

For shipping customers: make sure you fill out as much information as you can during the listing process. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the exact information, but do your best to provide as clear of a description of the item to be shipped, the dates, and your expectations for the transportation of the shipment.   A thorough shipment listing makes a huge difference in the number and quality of bids you receive.

For Service Providers:  Your profile is a large part of the first impression that you make on the shipping customer regarding your services. Your profile shows your interest, professionalism, and gives a potential customer some insight into who you are. Check out our post on 10 tips for setting up a great Service Provider profile.

How important is asking and answering questions before a bid is accepted?

You should always try to communicate as soon as possible. Communication is important for both shipping customers and transporters and asking and answering questions in a timely manner can really make a difference.

For shipping customers:  Answering the questions in a timely manner can help Service Providers gauge your needs and your interest in their services. Leaving them unanswered for a long period may suggest that you’re no longer interested in shipping, and cause you to lose out on potential bids.

For Service Providers: Ask any questions you may have through the Q&A boards on the listing. Engaging the customer early and openly discussing the services you can offer them go a long way in making a successful match.

How should we communicate after the match?

Once you have matched on the site, uShip releases contact information for both parties. Try to communicate with each other as soon as you can.

Confirm the details of the bid and any special agreements made during the bidding process. It’s also a good idea to follow up with each other a day or two before the pick-up to ensure that everything is on schedule. Verify weight, dimensions, dates, etc. While this may feel redundant, it’s the best way to avoid a cancellation and avoid surprises down the line.
If it is a shipment that will not be completed for a while, discuss how often you will communicate to make sure both parties are still on board. If you have hours when you would prefer not to be contacted, make this clear to the other party.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The final step of every transaction on uShip is leaving feedback, and it’s very important for both shipping customers and transporters. Combined with your profile, this is one of the ways people “get to know you” on our site; so make sure you fill it out, and always conduct yourself professionally.

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