Refer-a-Load: Earn money on extra loads

Refer-a-Load, a new tool for uShip Service Providers, helps you earn money on loads found outside of uShip that you are unable to service yourself. Refer customers to uShip and earn 30% of the match fee generated when their shipment is matched!

You may not always have the time or cargo space to accommodate every customer that approaches you for transport services. Instead of turning business away, you can use Refer-a-Load to turn those extra jobs into extra money in your pocket.

Simply enter the details of your customer’s shipment into the Refer-a-Load tool found in your My uShip, and uShip will contact the customer to help them list their shipment. When the customer accepts a bid from a uShip Service Provider, you get paid!  Create a brand new way to earn money from your reputation and advertising efforts while making sure you help your customers meet all their transportation needs.

Learn more about Refer-a-Load or refer loads now at!

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