uShip Customers Now Offsetting CO2 Emissions from Their Own Deliveries

Terrapass logoWhen given an option to make a fiscally-friendly or an Earth-friendly decision, a recent study shows that most people side with saving their green rather than “going green.”   But now, when it comes to shipping and transporting their items, they don’t need to make a choice – people can do both on uShip.

Customers using uShip are already saving money and reducing emissions when their shipments are matched with extra space in transporters’ trucks.  And now through uShip’s long-time partnership with TerraPass, the award-winning carbon offset provider, shipping customers can further help neutralize the negative environmental impact of their uShip activities by purchasing TerraPass offset credits.

The eco-offset credits are based on the shipment’s weight and distance, and are purchased at the time of check-out on uShip.  For example, the offset credit for a Toyota Camry (3,680-lbs) being transported 1,000 miles would be just $2.63.

So how do carbon offsets actually work? A carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide emissions, the principal cause of global warming. When uShip transporters and customers purchase carbon offsets through TerraPass that money goes to projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions making the air clean again.  See a full list of TerraPass emissions projects.

For uShip Service Providers, becoming a TerraPass certified green transporter is a great way to tell your customers about your environmental values and distinguish yourself from other providers. When you sign up, you help to reduce carbon emissions directly proportional to the emissions created by your trucks, balancing out your contribution to global warming. Sign up to become a TerraPass certified green transporter now!

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, here are a few facts and figures about the positive environmental impact uShip, along with its customers and transporters, has made since launching in 2004:

  • 210 million – miles offset by transporters on uShip
  • 8,448 – times around Earth in offset miles by uShip transporters
  • 307,000 – estimated metric tons of offset carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)
  • 5,000 – Green Providers on uShip
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