The New York Times Mentions uShip Mobile in Trucking Technology Article

Photo Credit: Benjamin Preston

Photo Credit: Benjamin Preston

In an article released Friday, August 16th, The New York Times writer Benjamin Preston explained technology in the trucking industry in his article “Move Over, CB Radio: Trucker Apps Are Helping to Haul the Load.”

In the article, Preston explains how carriers have abandoned CB Radios and have embraced technology. Not all drivers have switched to a completely digital way of life, but those who utilize digital devices experience a more convenient way of doing business. Preston mentioned the uShip Mobile app in the article as an example of one such app that makes life easier for truckers on the road.

“Another app, uShip Mobile, helps truckers to find potential cargo and place bids to carry the shipments,” Preston said.

uShip Mobile enables carriers to access information about loads that they have already booked or book loads while on the go. Service Providers can stay up-to-date on bids without leaving the truck, receive alerts when bids are accepted, double-check addresses, view locations on a map and access important information for load matches.

Preston interviewed Don Carpenter, a “long-haul driver from Rehoboth Beach, Del.” Mr. Carpenter explained how his life as a driver has changed since going digital. The devices he uses include a PrePass that allows him to get through weigh stations easily and effectively without having to stop so much, GPS and mobile applications that help him on the road.

Carriers with smart phones can turn their cellular device into a Wi-Fi hotspot allowing them to access applications from any number of devices. These  wireless hotspots can also be used to power entertainment devices for drivers taking a break or stopping for the night. Preston explains that mobile apps provide weather updates, help optimize fuel consumption suggest rest stops, provide discounts and keep track of required permits.

Technology inside the big rig is becoming the norm for service providers and the cup holder-mounted smart phone has now become the nerve center for American drivers.

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